Over 15 years, 2Excel has developed and acquired the people, skills, assets and approvals needed to rapidly turn complex concepts into tangible capabilities and to deliver valued services meeting the most challenging aviation requirements. The business’ strong customer base includes Government Departments, the defence and oil industries, airlines and airline brokers.

Our strategy pillars are:

  • Continue to do difficult things well
  • Harness the power of our employee-owners and continue to exceed expectations
  • Build our expertise to expand our businesses
  • Consolidate our reputation as a powerful, trusted and agile partner

2Excel consistently over-delivers innovative solutions to complex aviation challenges, including cutting-edge Capability Development, Special Missions, Charter and large aircraft maintenance.

Having taken third-party risks in-house, 2Excel can control costs, hit deadlines and deliver services to disrupt existing markets and burst into new ones. 2Excel is an emerging force able to bid for and win contracts against much larger competitors.

Working with

The Air League
Airlines UK