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Based on the exceptional heritage of its people, 2Excel delivers bespoke aviation solutions for doing difficult things well.

Arnie Palmer

Head of T2

Arnie joined the RAF in 1986 and after initial training on Jet Provost and Hawk aircraft was selected to fly the Tornado and Harrier. After a tour in Germany on the Tornado, he completed four front-line Harrier tours were he flew the Harrier GR7 and GR9 aircraft, and 2 tours as a trials pilot and manager on the Strike Attack Operational Evaluation Unit. During 2004-2006 Arnie commanded the Operations Wing at the Harrier main operating base in the UK, and was second in command of Joint Force Harrier which comprised the entire RAF and RN Harrier fleets.

On leaving the RAF he joined Virgin Atlantic Airways for 3 years flying the A340-600 aircraft from Heathrow, operating long-haul flights across the globe. In 2009 Arnie joined 2Excel as the Head of Trials for the Scimitar business unit, working with a wide customer base to deliver flight test plans, conduct flight trials and develop new capabilities. In 2013, he re-trained as a Captain on the Boeing 727 and helped to create the new T2 business unit, delivering the B727 spray capability. Now, as the Head of T2, Arnie is responsible for the delivery of Oil Spill Response Services on the B727, the Navajo aircraft and the provision of a B727 cargo operation.


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