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From concept to capability through to integrated development and testing


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Tel: +44 (0)1604 671309

Scimitar is the Company’s research, development, test and evaluation arm, providing highly agile, low-cost, airborne test and evaluation capabilities for government and the defence and security industrial base.

Staffed by ex-military test and evaluation pilots and engineers, Scimitar takes concepts to capability through integrated development and test rapidly and affordably. It does this by taking concepts and turning them into capabilities in months rather than years. Scimitar pioneered the development of a ground-breaking ‘flying laboratory’ that uses a rapid turn-round, plug-and-play philosophy to produce platform agnostic solutions – utilising the 2Excel fleet of modified Navajos, Extra 300s, King Airs, helicopters and B727’s. Using this fleet of aircraft, our highly experienced, ex-military test and evaluation pilots are able to deliver complex, high-profile flight trials to budget and on time. Employing industry-recognised approaches, and easily reconfigurable platforms, Scimitar makes flight trials affordable. It provides for radar, electro-optic, laser, infrared and radio-frequency trials.

The Fleet

The backbone of the fleet, (which also includes Beech 200 King Airs, Extra 300s, EC135 helicopters and Boeing 727 jets), is the PA-31 Navajo. Scimitar’s Navajos each have an electronic backbone of ARINC 664/AFDX full-duplex Gigabit speed Ethernet, high-quality low-loss wide-band RF connectivity, internet protocol, analogue data links and ‘truth’ pre-installed. Power supplies are also installed, along with a multitude of internal and external hard points for mounting equipment-under-test.  This enables Scimitar to rapidly re-role for new trials. This dramatically reduces down-time (and therefore cost) – savings that Scimitar passes on. Operating on the G-register, with modifications designed by 2Excel’s in-house Part 21 Design Organisation and embodied under EASA, Scimitar dramatically overcomes the barriers to entry for those clients requiring high quality flight trials.

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