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From concept to capability through to integrated development and testing
Scimitar PA-31 FTB installed with underbelly applications pod and Electro-Optic Turret.
Scimitar King Air B200 installed with underbelly radar pod.


For further information or to request a quote for Scimitar’s flight test services, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0)1604 671309

Scimitar is the Company’s research, development, test and evaluation arm, providing highly agile, low-cost, airborne test and evaluation capabilities for government and the UK defence and security industrial base.

The Scimitar team is comprised of both experienced Test Pilots and Operational Test and Evaluation pilots and engineers, all of whom have extensive military experience.  Scimitar delivers “concept to capability” through integrated development and test in an agile and cost effective way employing our unique suite of ‘plug-and-play’ capabilities.  Utilising 2Excel’s comprehensive list of approvals Scimitar is able to work under EASA CAT, Part SPO or Public Transport rules and our aircraft modifications are designed, manufactured and installed (in house) to be fully compliant with the appropriate regulatory requirements. Scimitar has extensive experience in a wide variety of airborne systems and capabilities but has comprehensive expertise in the radar, electro-optic, laser, infrared and radio-frequency spheres.

The Fleet

The 2Excel fleet includes a variety of platforms from large Boeing 727/737 jets through to the small/agile Extra 300 and Airbus 135 helicopters.  Scimitar has access to all aircraft types, but the backbone of our fleet is the PA-31 Navajo and Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft, providing extensive flight trials capabilities of up to 29,000 ft altitude and 5 hours endurance.  Both aircraft feature dedicated/segregated mission power systems; high speed Ethernet; integrated AHRS/GPS Truth Systems; mission RF and communications systems; internal equipment racks and external hard points.

Of note, and exemplifying the synergistic nature of our trials fleet, both aircraft types feature modular underbelly applications pod systems capable of carrying a wide variety of payloads, including low-band and high-band radar systems.  The PA-31 Radar Applications Pod (RAP) can accommodate small fixed and scanning radars, whilst the King Air Leading Edge Applications Pod – Radar (LEAP-R) can carry a variety of radars and scanners of up to 1150 mm.

Combined Test Team

Our team of experienced pilots, design engineers and maintainers all work together directly with the customer employing a ‘Combined Test Team’ (CTT) approach. This collaboration, together with the rapid aircraft role change capability built in to the design of all our FTBs, means we are able to deliver an agile, innovative and cost effective solution focussed on the customer’s requirement.

To view biographies of our team, please click here.


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