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Contract Air Services


For further information or to request a quote for Sabre’s contract-air services, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0)1604 671309

Sabre marries the state of the art technological innovations of Scimitar to provide affordable contract-air power.

In 2008, harnessing the military experience of The Blades with bespoke developments in camera and data-link technology, 2Excel developed a surrogate, surveillance-drone and air-land integration service for the British Army and began providing vital pre-deployment training for soldiers prior to their operational tours in Afghanistan.

What does Sabre do?

With the ability to fly a full range of technologies, from synthetic aperture radar, electro-optic and infra-red turrets and cameras, to lasers and a wealth of antennae across the radio frequency spectrum, Sabre provides specially designed solutions to clients’ needs across a breadth of operations at an affordable price, due to a flexibility of a plug and play platform.

Especially potent across the environmental divides, from air to sea or land, Sabre provides contract air power from survey through surveillance to surrogacy. Building on the 2Excel mantra of “bespoke solutions for doing difficult things well,” Sabre provides what you want, when, where and how you want it. Whether it is airborne relay stations you need, close air support platforms, airborne command and control elements, filming or a surveillance services, Sabre can fit appropriate equipment to its highly capable fleet of aircraft to deliver you a state of the art service.

How does Sabre do it?

With the equipment integration capabilities of Sabre’s sister units Scimitar and Leading Edge, we’ll be able to integrate it into our plug and play flying laboratories. Moreover, because we operate under our Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC GB 2299), if you require us to operate your own equipment, we’ll fly your operators on their mission in our aircraft under our airline rules. No need for disclaimers, waivers or expensive crew training; they will be passengers (just as they would be on British Airways) but able to run their equipment from their seats.

With the research and development already done and employing highly-experienced ex-military aircrew as pilots and sensor operators, Sabre provides cutting-edge, cost-effective training and operational services across the breadth of aviation.

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