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For further information regarding Leading Edge services, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0)1604 671309

Leading Edge encompasses the 2Excel Group’s EASA Part 21J-approved Design Organisation and EASA Part 21G-approved Production Organisation.

We are able to take your ideas all the way from concept, through design and testing, to certification and production; Leading Edge has one of the broadest scopes of approval for Design and Certification in Europe, including those privileges necessary for flight test. Leading Edge also offers the capability to manufacture mechanical and electrical parts, assemblies, soft furnishings, cable harnesses and installation kits for aircraft.

Leading Edge is a responsive, agile organisation providing bespoke design changes and products on all aircraft types, even ‘one offs’, with minimum fuss. The organisation specialises in putting unusual design changes in easy reach by following a design philosophy of simplicity and innovation, tackling modifications others cannot or will not do.

Leading Edge pride themselves in communication and integrity towards the customer. Our structured project management system provides a thorough but flexible approach to ensure the customer is appraised throughout the entire approval process – a key requirement in providing customer confidence and building relationships.